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Ardore Pizza Oven Review

Ardore Pizza Oven

Ardore is a portable gas-fired pizza oven, made and shipped straight from Italy. It weighs 40lb (18,1kg) and retains heat like no other due to its thick Saputo cooking stone. The oven heats on LPG, propane, and butane, and it reaches temperatures up to 1000°F to deliver the best Neapolitan pizzas.

On the downside, it is a pricey product; however, you can obtain a discount of $60 if you ask nicely on the Pizza Party forums.

If you are looking for the best functionality and authenticity, and you can afford it, we recommend you the Ardore – it will be the closest you’ll have to a full-sized pizza oven. Nevertheless, if you just want to cook delicious pizzas in your backyard and don’t mind having an oven that might take longer to achieve an even cook, you can opt for less expensive options.

Ardore Pizza Oven

Great Alternative: Ooni Koda Pizza Oven​

• Ready to use in seconds. You simply have to flip the foldable legs of the oven, insert the pizza stone, and connect to a gas tank.

Use and move with ease. The Koda is also lightweight and small. It weighs 9.25 kgs (20.4lb) and its measures are 62 x 40 x 18cm (24.4 x 15.7 x 7.1”), which makes it easy to move around. This model does not have a chimney, so it’s the smallest of Ooni ovens.

Large stone. With its cordierite stone of 13 ¼ inches wide, you can cook pizzas up to 12’’ wide.

Ooni Koda

The first mobile wood-fired oven of Pizza Party was born in 1998; however, the model sold nowadays is much different. After years of designing and improvement, the oven was patented in 2005 and became highly popular.

The Pizza Party Company is based in the province of Florence, and it has collected big success with its products.

Best Features

  • Saputo stone – The famous “Biscotto” is the only stone available that can cook a pizza at 850°F for up to 90 seconds without burning the bottom of the pizza, thanks to its alluvial clay. These pizza stones are handmade by Italian artisans in Naples, the birthplace of the Neapolitan pizza. Keep in mind that the Biscotto does not come included in the purchase of the oven and that you would need to buy it separately.
  • Optimal heat retention – The thicker the stone is, the more heat the oven will hold. Ardore has a Saputo stone of 3cm (1.2’’) thick; therefore, it retains heat like no other oven, which results in better cooking.
  • Easy to move – The oven is small outside and weighs 40 lb (18.1kg), which makes it easy to move around in your garden.
  • Large interior – The cooking surface of the Ardore is the largest (15.75’’ x 15.75’’); therefore, users have stated that they can manage their pizzas in a better way. Also, the oven has a wide opening, so it allows you to access the peel easily.
  • Warranty – It has a 2-year warranty that covers material and components that manifest construction defects; the warranty does not have coverage for the Saputo stone.
  • Authenticity – Everyone knows that the best pizza in the world is found in Italy; hence, what better than an Italian pizza oven? Ardore offers you the greatest capability and authenticity, and it’s the best option for customers that are passionate about the world of pizza.
  • Highest temperature – The oven can reach the 1022°F (550°C), so you can imagine how crunchy the crust and how melted the topping of your pizza will be.
  • Easy to clean – All users have indicated that the oven is very easy to clean because of the painted aluminum. They have also remarked its long durability.
  • Best Outdoor Gas Oven – the price and performance is so great that this pizza oven has earned our reward.

You Should Also Know

  • Shipping time and fees – Since the oven is shipped from Italy, it might take a while to be sent; also, the product has shipping fees that add up to make the oven cost even more.
  • Basic design – Some users have stated that the design is too basic and not stylish at all; however, if the looks of the oven is not a priority to you, this shouldn’t be an issue.
  • Pricey – Other pizza ovens are less expensive; still, the Ardore has much positive feedback regarding the cooking results, so if you can afford it, it will be worth it.
  • Accessories not included – Accessories such as the thermometer and pizza peels are not included; you may buy them separately on the Pizza Party website. 

Our Score: 4.7 out of 5